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I had a dream (and of course my dreams shift and change premises along the way) that somehow I had decided to go to a school for musicians. And I was out with these young people, playing some odd vaguely LARP-like game which I discovered at some point after I started required me to sing. I had unwittingly taken on something like the role of the female lead in a musical--because this is what they did for fun--when really I was just wanting to play in the nifty levitating tubs that represented boats. And I don't really know how to sing a tune from read music (thanks for being useless, grade school music classes) and I haven't really tried in years, and my voice was hoarse (maybe really; apparently my throat was drying out a bit in real life, and I'd been coughing before going to sleep), and I was thinking, Why did I decide to go to a school for musicians again? I'm not even really taking music classes. (Yeah, I don't know, it was a dream.)

Anyway, I woke up, and tried actually singing, and was surprised that I could. I was neither as hoarse nor as completely unable to carry a tune as I expected.
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Last night I had a dream wherein I was running along a four-lane highway, ostensibly one of the main roads in my town, at night. There wasn't much traffic, and I saw a break in it, so I crossed from the right shoulder to the left.

A pickup truck was coming over the ridge ahead of me, and at first I thought it was coming in the center oncoming lane to my left, but then it was coming backwards--actually driving backwards--in the lanes to my right. It pulled onto the shoulder where I'd been a moment before--just across the highway from the entrance to a residential area--and stopped. A man and a woman got out. They set a long gun on the roof of the cab. They were laughing.

I was bewildered. What legitimate reason was there for this behavior? It occurred to me to run, but not to pull out my cellphone and call the police.

I broke out of the dream--or took the dream so far into lucidity that I was writing it--at that point, so it basically ended there.

But the thing that gets me is that I started from the standpoint of giving these people the benefit of the doubt. It was as I was analyzing it enough to wake up my brain and stop the flow of images that I realized these people were up to no good. If that had been real, I might have cost the police department response time. (Well, I'm not sure dream-me had a cell phone originally, but awake me was still kicking myself.)

This dream feels like a parable to me. We often see people doing dangerous, foolish things, and try to imagine that it's justified. Maybe it really is malevolent.


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