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The REINS Act is only the latest of a slew of bills aimed at peeling back regulations, which House Republicans have pushed for in the name of cutting red tape and freeing up businesses. The GOP sees the regulations as overbearing rulemaking by unelected bureaucrats. democraticunderground

"Who do the regulators answer to? No one," said Rep. Ted Poe (R-Texas) in debate on the House floor. "When the regulators go to work every day, like most people go to work, their work assignment's a little different," Poe said. "In my opinion, they sit around a big oak table, sipping their lattes. They have out their iPads and their computers, and they decide, 'Who shall we regulate today?' And they write a regulation and send it out to the masses and make us deal with the cost to that."

I hope some civil servants invite Mr Poe to observe them at work, so he may be disabused of this fantastical view of things.
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Xu Huaqing, a senior researcher for China's Energy Research Institute, was quoted Friday in the semiofficial China Daily as saying Beijing could set absolute caps on its carbon emissions – comments later confirmed privately by one of China's top climate negotiators on the sidelines of the international climate talks in South Africa.

It was the first time China has mentioned a timetable toward a hard emissions cap, the article said, and was seen as a significant move by veteran China watchers.

Until now, China has spoken of emissions controls purely in terms of energy intensity, or the amount of energy it uses per unit of economic production. It pledged last year to reduce its energy input by 40 to 45 percent from 2005 levels by 2020.

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Industrial boilers burn coal and other fuels to generate steam and hot water for heat and electricity. They're the nation's second-largest source of mercury emissions, a potent neurotoxin, after coal-fired power plants. But boilers are among a handful of pollution sources that still have no standards for toxic emissions.

EPA tries to put in standards, and people whine they're from another planet. Could it be... Planet Earth?


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