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Still watching Firefly. Got as far as "Ariel." Mal's a good captain. His experience as a sergeant shows.

I fantasize about relaunching this show.
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Well, I finally have started watching Firefly, which I was unable to catch when it was on, what, 9 years ago.

I've just seen the opener, "Serenity."

I had previously seen the end of the movie Serenity--yeah, that's not confusing--so I sort of know what the Reavers are. And I have read a little comic book someone put out about the characters. Which helps me from thinking that I just watched a movie about Wat, Hel, Castle, Jennifer Keller, and Casey taking Ron from Barney Miller, an alien invader, Allison from Palmdale, and Jack Wilde as passsengers, and running from butchers in spa-ace!

Seriously though, everybody except Sean Maher is familiar to me from somewhere else--thus making him all the stranger among all these familiar faces--and the Reavers, if I remember the movie right, almost seem to be victims of Dollhouse tech.

It's trippy seeing how much has come after that that echoes bits, both in concept and in the cast's careers (granted I was familiar with Gina Torres and Nathan Fillion before they even did Firefly).

But I had enough awareness of it to buy them as these characters without tripping on all that baggage. Well, mostly: Jayne is pretty close to Casey anyway.

And then, of course, there's hearing all these lines I've heard others reference, and you know, "shiny."

Just looked up Alan Tudyk. He's from El Paso? I always assumed he was British!


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