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The very cute Руслана (Ruslana):

Шалала - "Shalala," pretty fun.

Дика енергія - She reminds me of Leeloo and Æon Flux in this video.

Відлуння мрій (feat T-Pain) - in which Ruslana appears to be Ukrainian Shakira in space.

Actually, the more I find of hers, the more convinced I become that she is in fact Hutsul Shakira.

Kolomyjka - I think this has some folk influence, Hutsul I guess.

Dance with the Wolves - Ruslana being a bit political and tough:
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Ted Christopher and Mark Knopfler, Dunblane 1996 (with extra lyrics about the massacre)

Jose Feliciano, 2007

The Pizza Tapes (Jerry Garcia, David Grisman and Tony Rice)

Jordis Unga on Rock Star: INXS

YouTubie singer/songwriter XXBiBiX, 2008
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I'm ignoring the Grammies to watch YouTube (and read and stuff.)


Adele mash-ups!

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I admit, I'm relieved that she sang "do ya" instead of "do you." I would have liked her a little less if she'd cocked up the rhyme.

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I had this phrase running through my head today, as it has off and on for twenty years:

"think you've got the gift of second sight..."

Wait, what's that from? Pushing 40, the brain is turning to Swiss cheese.

Not the Fixx, I loved that song before I got into the Fixx. Almost like Thompson Twins, but I can't place it on any of their albums.

Wait, is that part of "Sister Christian"?

Google found it.

"Are You Sure" by a band called So. I don't think I've ever known the band's name, but as I say, Swiss cheese.

1st re-edit: No, wait, I misread that. They're called the Opposition, which seems more familiar.

2nd re-edit: They are the Opposition, but that album had a different drummer and was recorded with the band calling themselves So. Anyway, I have a band to research now.

I think it was in a movie. Only from 1988? Huh. Nope, 1986, which fits my memories better.
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You can pick your version. For relatively straight renditions, I especially like the Billy Bragg rewrite, but the Rebel Diaz rap brings tears to my eyes.

I was not raised in a union family; my introduction to this song was the Natalie Merchant track, on a folk album she cut.

Now, I'm not a great fan of this song. Given my upbringing, Woody Guthrie's "Jesus Christ" means a lot more to me as a song. But it has some power to it, and tonight I was thinking about reactions to #OWS and this came to mind. Maybe we need a new version for the present struggle. Some will say the labor organization themes are outdated, but maybe it's loss of belief in solidarity that's caused the present trouble.

I think we are living through another 1848. And I know that the 1848 revolutions failed, and this one may as well.

So I think we need something like this song. WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON?

(ETA: It's pretty straight punk, but the bass riffs on the Die Commandantes cut are delicious.)
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Pandora Radio is a neat concept, and the Music Genome Project is a really neat idea.

But while they say they picked a song because it shares tonalities & stuff, they really do pick stuff for say, historical associations.

When I created a Blondie station, I got lots of 1980's pop. Same when I created a Men Without Hats station. Now they did find commonalities, but they are referencing more than just "minor keys & use of harmonies."

When I discovered the Chameleons, I thought, "oh, here's a band that sounds like the Church" (one of my all-time favorite rock bands). As they note on the Chameleons' page:

So is this acknowledged on the Church's page, so Church fans who have not heard of the Chameleons would find this other band with that lush two-guitar sound?

No. Instead I am unhelpfully informed that the Church resembles, "Echo & The Bunnymen / The Cure / The Psychedelic Furs / New Order / The Smiths." Yes, I've heard of them. Of course if I create a Church station, the Chameleons should pop up eventually, but this list seems like someone just picked a bunch of alternative acts of the 1980's.

But what made me decide to post was when I decided to create an Elliott Yamin station, and the third song up was by Daughtry. Yeah, whatever cockamamie reason they came up with, I think someone programmed this to be, "stuff an American Idol fan would recognize."

The next several picks were been reasonable enough. But c'mon, did they really put in Daughtry & not Stevie Wonder?
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Continuing this meme:
Lets say you know a certain artist/band's catalogue intimately - list your top 10 or 20 of their songs as though sharing with a newcomer. Just your faves.

My list for the Church. Yes, it's all from the four albums from Starfish through Sometime Anywhere--I don't care that much about the earlier stuff & I lost track of them after that. I threw this list together quick, but finding the actual songs online was hard & time-consuming.

1. Reptile
2. Swan Lake
3. Under the Milky Way
4. "Lullaby" - which I don't find online for free, sorry.
5. Two Places at Once (this is the one video I found for the full version)
6. Lost
7. City
8. Dome
9. Ripple (Is this a radio edit?)
10. Monday Morning
11. Terra Nova Cain
12. Hotel Womb
13. Grind (Funny, I hadn't heard the version from the acoustic album before now. I think it may even be better overall than the version on Gold Afternoon Fix, though Kilbey switched two phrases. Yes, I could tell as soon as he did it.)

Oh, let's get this out of the way: I hated "Aura" (at least the last half) when I first heard it, now I love it.
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A meme of sorts, which started on a message board:
Lets say you know a certain artist/band's catalogue intimately - list your top 10 or 20 of their songs as though sharing with a newcomer. Just your faves.

Well, I had a few acts in mind, but soon realized I have gaps in my own knowledge, so these are just the ones I knew, thought of, & liked.

After making these lists, I decided to see if people could find the songs online. Here are links:


1. Ciega, sordomuda
2. Underneath Your Clothes
3. Poem to a Horse
4. Don't Bother
5. Si te vas
6. Objection (Tango)
7. ¿Dónde están los ladrones?
8. Whenever, Wherever (or Suerte)
9. Moscas en la casa
10. How Do You Do
11. Timor
12. Dreams for Plans

While looking for these, found "No," which is really good. I also like "Las da la intuición" & "La pared ". Years ago, I saw a two disc set of Fijación Oral/Oral Fixation, & didn't get it. I've not bothered to track it down in the years since, which was clearly a mistake.


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