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1. Sven Bianchi (Questionable Content)
2. Ms. Tree
3. Mike Mist
4. Lila Cheney
5. Piglet (World of Pooh)
6. The Old Spice Man
7. Tim Taylor (Home Improvement)
8. Amelia Earhart [post-disappearance weirdness as default]
9. Mike Schorr (Wonder Woman)
10. Echo (Dollhouse)
11. Adelle DeWitt (Dollhouse)
12. High King Peter of Narnia [adult form] (The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe)
13. Kimiko Ross (Dresden Codak)
14. Dorothy Gale [book version] (the Oz books)
15. the Cat in the Hat

Only moonlilli responded, so I'm just using the five she picked.

Amelia Earhart and the Cat in the Hat find out they are related - what's the relation, and how do they react?

"How to fly:" said the cat, "When you fall, miss the ground.
But what if you have been in the air to begin,
and you miss what's in front—miss the air, and the ground,
and the sea! Do you know where you'll go? Somewhere else..."

When Amelia Earhart left the circles of the earth behind, she ended up in a strange world of oddly elongated creatures with tufty hair. She soon found & befriended another refugee from Earth, once an ancient hominid, who had over time developed into the so-called "Cat in the Hat." They felt a great kinship, being more biologically similar than either was to the civilized human-equivalents of Seuss-world. And they live there yet, fast friends to this day.

The Old Spice Man tells Ms. Tree he knows someone she should hook up with, then introduces Ms. Tree to Dorothy Gale, do they start dating?

OK, I should mention that Ms. Tree is named Michael Tree. Not Michelle, Michael. Her father wanted a boy. And no, these are two different incidents. Michael likes manly men, & the Old Spice Man is all about the manly. I'm not sure the "someone she should hook up with" isn't the Old Spice Man himself. As for Ms. Tree meeting Dorothy, well, see the scenario in the last answer on this page.

odditycollector has never seen the sample questions actually answered in one of these:

"Sven forces Ms. Tree and Tim Taylor to get married. Is it a happy marriage?"

Poor Michael! Such interference in her love life! Then again, considering her canon typical romantic relationships tend to end in death, she might welcome someone else picking for her. (But why Sven? There has to be a complex & nefarious plot here; but you didn't ask what that was.) No, it's not happy, because she's afraid of him (see below). And Ms. Tree isn't afraid of much! Also, he misses his old wife and kids. I give it about three weeks, give or take three weeks.

"Piglet, The Old Spice Man, and King Peter form a band! What do they call themselves? Are they any good?"

The Royal Jazz Band of Narnia, natch. (I am struck by the fact that Piglet & the Old Spice Man both seem more of Narnia than of our Earth.) Piglet on bongos. The Old Spice Man on strings & bass drum—sometimes both at the same time, ladies, can your man do that? Peter on this sort of... thereminish-sounding thing invented in Archenland by owls in Archenland by owls, with a sort of net tied to an infinitely variable valve over a bellows-run pipe.

And no, they're not really any good. This is mostly Peter's fault; years of training to be a king have left him a good swordsman, but he's never really become an expert musician. Susan's the real musician in the family, but she doesn't want to be in a band with the Old Spice Man, whom she doesn't like much. She says the Old Spice Man is an insufferable flirt, & he smells like her screwball uncle (the one who mostly lived in India).

"Why *are* all the other numbers afraid of Tim Taylor?"

Really, if you've seen the show, this is not surprising. Tim is reasonably handy with a drill or power driver, but tends to have very odd ideas about appropriate uses of electricity & engineering. Well, this time he's gone too far too many times. Empty nester syndrome, perhaps?

:Sigh: I was going to leave the other six characters unrevealed, but you asked about "all." Things just got epic.

Adelle DeWitt & Echo know each other pretty well. If either one of them is scared of someone, the other knows enough to be leery of that person. (I suppose this is between apparently defeating the nefarious corporate mastermind in Season Two of Dollhouse & the events that led to the "Epitaph" episodes.) Whatever Tim is building could do civilization-shattering damage in the wrong clever hands—hands Adelle knows intimately. Adelle hatches a plan to contain this.

Even in Tim's merely foolish hands, "More Power!!!" can still rip great holes in timespace, threatening the immortal land of Oz. Dorothy Gale, now over a century old & still looking like a young girl, has returned to the land of age & death to find the threat to the kingdom.

Amelia Earhart & the Cat in the Hat get involved when small spots in the Seuss-world are sucked out of existence. They eventually find the people there have been transported to Earth, & bits of Earth to the Seuss-world. Considering how much of Earth's surface is water, well... many of the Whos were eaten by sea life.

Sven Bianchi, Ms. Tree, Mike Mist, & Mike Schorr, being mostly normal humans, are as scared as anybody else when Tim Taylor moves into reality-threatening devices.

Adelle hatches a plan for Ms. Tree to marry Tim & keep an eye on him, & shoot him if necessary. Sven is conscripted as a middleman (explaining the above answer); this is to keep Ms. Tree & her associates from knowing anything about Adelle & Echo.

Lila Cheney was approached to get Tim & his devices off the planet Earth--& if necessary, anyone who could reverse-engineer them. Some of earth's most advanced engineers, dumped unceremoniously on rocks with toxic atmospheres to save the world. She now has nightmares of what Tim's tech could do to a Dyson sphere.

Piglet is pretty easily scared, especially by large metal things that make lots of noise & could rip a piglet apart without trying.

The Old Spice Man, being a force of nature raw memetic power, is mostly scared for us mere mortals. But left to his own overpowered devices long enough, Tim could undermine the realm Where Abstract Trademarks Become Flesh, & jeopardize the Old Spice Man's very existence.

High King Peter is scared that while living in a different cosmos & timeframe than Tim Taylor, he's still heard of Tim Taylor. (Possibly from Piglet & the Old Spice Man?)

Kimiko Ross is the odd one. She's even more prone to reckless uses of technology than Tim Taylor. She doesn't want Tim to bring the hammer of law down on mad scientists everywhere—well, just her, really.
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Oh, this thing. Have I done this before? I forget.

So I have a list of 15 characters (& knowing me, it may get obscure) numbered secretly from 1-15. Ask me a question about some combination of characters, by number. Then I will reveal the numbers & answer your questions--um, wait, here's the conventional form:

The question game!

1) Make a list of fifteen characters, and keep them to yourself for the moment. [What I did.]

2) Ask everyone to make up questions in the comments. [Again, me.]

For example: "One forces Two and Seven to get married. Is it a happy marriage?"
"Five, Six and Twelve form a band! What do they call themselves? Are they any good?"
"Why *are* all the other numbers afraid of Seven?"
[This is what you do.]

Answers in...let's say 6 or 7 days.


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