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It's another one of these posts. This time, covers of "Under the Milky Way":

I just posted the original here.

Sugarwall's rewrite:

The PS22 Chorus in NYC, which weirded me out a little at first, as it seems like it should be sung in an adult voice:

What Bird's version has different elements--different instruments and the vocal is subtly different--yet it successfully achieves the same mood as the Church's original:

Seven Nations add bagpipes:

OK, a lot of covers of this song. Now somebody do "Two Places at Once" or "Antenna", eh?
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Continuing this meme:
Lets say you know a certain artist/band's catalogue intimately - list your top 10 or 20 of their songs as though sharing with a newcomer. Just your faves.

My list for the Church. Yes, it's all from the four albums from Starfish through Sometime Anywhere--I don't care that much about the earlier stuff & I lost track of them after that. I threw this list together quick, but finding the actual songs online was hard & time-consuming.

1. Reptile
2. Swan Lake
3. Under the Milky Way
4. "Lullaby" - which I don't find online for free, sorry.
5. Two Places at Once (this is the one video I found for the full version)
6. Lost
7. City
8. Dome
9. Ripple (Is this a radio edit?)
10. Monday Morning
11. Terra Nova Cain
12. Hotel Womb
13. Grind (Funny, I hadn't heard the version from the acoustic album before now. I think it may even be better overall than the version on Gold Afternoon Fix, though Kilbey switched two phrases. Yes, I could tell as soon as he did it.)

Oh, let's get this out of the way: I hated "Aura" (at least the last half) when I first heard it, now I love it.


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