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...What will happen as a result?
If at least half the voters opt to keep MMP, there will be an independent review of MMP in 2012 to recommend changes that should be made to the way it works. The Electoral Commission will conduct the review. It must include a number of matters that have been decided by Parliament including the thresholds parties must meet to be eligible for a share of list seats, whether voters should be able to change the order of candidates on a party list and whether candidates can stand in both an electorate and on the party list. The size of Parliament and Maori representation will not be reviewed, but the Commission may consider any other aspects of the MMP voting system.

If more than half the voters opt to change the voting system, Parliament will decide if there will be another Referendum in 2014 to choose between MMP and the alternative voting system that gets the most support in the second question in the 2011 Referendum.

About the Voting Systems
The voting systems you can choose from are MMP and four alternatives called:
First Past the Post (FPP);
Preferential Voting (PV);
Single Transferable Vote (STV);
Supplementary Member (SM)

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What strikes me about NZ is that they actually discuss these things and act on them. Not like the USA, where our particular brand of plurality voting is unassailable TRADITION!!! [to be read in Topol's singing voice]

ETA: Check out this site with more analysis & a tool to see which system works for your own theory of how a parliament should work:


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