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Romney picks running mate who would lower his taxes:


And under Paul Ryan’s conservative tax plan … Mitt Romney would pay .82% in taxes. That’s less than 1%
That's right: less than one percent.

Listen to me, Mittens. You know what you are? You're a greedy little shit with too much money. That's all you are.

You know what you aren't? You aren't Albert Einstein expanding our understanding of the universe. You aren't Dr. Paul Offit curing rotavirus in third world countries. You aren't Isaac Newton or that Nobel prize winner in Burma bravely confronting the world's worst government. You're not a parent coping with a child with cystic fibrosis or the guy who wrote this year's Pulitzer prize winning expose. You're not the firefighter pulling the guy out of the burning building or the first grade teacher in the disadvantaged schools trying to teach little kids to read.

You're just a greedy little shit. So drop the fucking pretense. I am sick and tired of hearing people like yourself demanding to be worshipped by ordinary people and accorded a special place in the tax code. There are millions of others who serve this country and this world far more than you ever will. Stop throwing a temper tantrum, grow the fucking hell up and pay your fair share of taxes like the rest of us.
This should be human mic'd at Romney rallies from here until he drops dead, or the election, whichever comes last.

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